We are Erika and Peter, a Hungarian couple living in the sunshiny city of Perth. This is the place where our “Rare Flower” started to grow in our heads when we came to Australia in 2012.  We are both professionals with many years of hospitality experience behind us, but most importantly we love what we do, just like we love each other and Perth….and what else would make a flower grow?

What makes our flower rare? We are one of a kind, running the only food truck in Perth cooking freshly prepared Hungarian street food items blended into the recipes of the world cuisine. Providing something new is always a risky business, and we are aware of this. With a strong passion for cooking, we took the courage to build up our business, and decided to cook something new and exciting for the people of Perth.

Fresh. Simple and Honest.

This is our business philosophy, we believe in these words. Fresh, as we only use local and carefully selected fresh ingredients. Simple, as we do not own a fancy restaurant, so we can focus on your wishes by providing you with consistent quality menu items. Honest, just like our smile when we see you smiling. Your smile is the greatest compliment you can give us. Food is part of our culture, it is an experience, and we would love to share this experience with you.

We cook from our heart, as we learned it from our mothers.

The basic recipes we use come from our mothers` cookbooks from our home country. We grew up enjoying these delicacies cooked by our mothers with lot of love. These meals are part of us, they made us grow, just like rare flowers grow from the ground. Unique as all we are in this planet, just like our smiles, our culture and the food we eat.

We hope to see that smile of yours soon!

Erika and Peter