Flavour. Quality. Obsession. We reinvent traditional Hungarian recipes and blend them into international cuisine.


We have all heard the term `street food` probably more than a thousand times, just like it took the Hungarians more than a thousand years to develop their recipes. This is what makes their food unique in the heart of Europe. While our ancestors have been refining their recipes and cooking techniques throughout their history, our mission was to select our finest and most popular delicacies and bring them to Perth. Goulash, Langos, Dodolle, and Hungarian Sausages are not only sold in Hungarian restaurants, fairs and festivals anymore. They are gaining popularity in many other countries. We could have never imagined a Hungarian restaurant opening in Melbourne, or a Langos Truck roaming the streets of New York when we were kids. The world has opened up to different culinary cultures ever since, so has Australia, and we feel honoured to share our culinary heritage with you here in Perth. Just to bring you a little bit closer, here are a few words about our dishes:

(Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈlaːŋɡoʃ] ) is a Hungarian food speciality, basically a deep fried flat bread. It is eaten fresh and warm, originally topped with sour cream, garlic and grated cheese, or without toppings, just rubbed with garlic, or doused with garlic water. Nowadays many varieties exist, they come with endless toppings, even sweet, just like our Nutella and banana favourite. Traditionally lángos was baked in the front of the brick oven close to the flames.  No surprise “láng” means “flame” in the Hungarian language. Lángos has become a popular street food not only in Hungary but also in other European countries. In Austria, especially in Vienna, lángos is very popular as a fast food at fairs and in amusement parks like the Prater. Lángos is known in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia as langoš, in Serbia as languš (although it is commonly called “Mekike“). It is also popular in Romania as langoși.

[ˈdɚdɚllɛ] is a traditional dish from Hungary, fried potato dumplings made from boiled potatoes mixed up with salt and flour, and finally  stir fried or grilled. It is served plain with sour cream, grated cheese, or with diced crispy bacon. The modern versions also call for fresh salads on the side, which makes it a complete meal. In the historical Hungary dödölle was a meal for the poor people in the Southern regions, and nowadays this dish is gaining back its popularity in fairs and festivals, and even on the menus of restaurants. Nagykanizsa, our hometown in the South West is the “capital city” of dödölle where the annual festival of Wine and Dödölle Festival is held every September.

Sausages, just like our salami represent proudly our culinary heritage throughout the world. What makes these sausages different from others is their flavour. Spices like ground paprika, pepper, caraway and garlic are basic ingredients which gives them a unique aroma. Traditionally they are eaten grilled at markets and fairs with fresh slices of bread, mustard and pickles. Nowadays, many varieties exist according to taste, but we took our time to find a local supplier who can provide us daily with fresh quality sausages made according to the traditional Hungarian recipes. Our interpretation of the Hungarian hot dog goes beyond the traditions, as we grill the sausages fresh and put them into a crispy bun with some home-made guacamole and sprinkle it with tasty cheddar to keep its spices in balance.