Our Rare Flower was designed and custom-built in 2015 to accommodate all the needs of a commercial kitchen on wheels: Integral steel frame construction and suspension, disk braking system and led lights for our safety and security on the road, and glass-reinforced panel with thermal insulating layer inside for our comfort. Stainless steel walls and benches inside fully equipped with fridges, freezers, cold and hot bain-maries, commercial kitchen exhausts, hot plates, hot and cold water system with kitchen sinks, gas fryers and burners, all custom fitted and ready for cooking.

Clean and shiny inside with a unique outside look.

Our vehicle graphics, as well as our business logo are based on traditional Hungarian folk art motifs, which were designed by one of our talented friends in our home country. Enough said, we all worked hard on this concept, and honestly hope that we have managed to create something unique that you enjoy.

We hope to see you soon!